Why we follow cricket

The match between India and Bangladesh was the latest in the game of cricket that makes you realize how lucky you are to have been following this game. In this batsman dominated format and the game itself these days, there are very few such instances when you get such a feeling of awe after having watched a game.
What happened in the match was not about a team’s win or loss but about why this game continues to get this kind of support in the subcontinent. Sport itself, like Harsha Bhogle said, one of the biggest forces of our time. There are not many things that can make an adult stop what he/she is doing at work and start watching this game, forgetting the meetings he has, forgetting the report he has to make, forgetting the calls and texts. Only things that matter are, the tension before and after each ball of the game and conversations with fellow peers about the game’s happenings. Thanks to technology, you don’t have to have these peers sitting beside you, the peers can be situated in other offices just like you, ignoring all that should be done, again, just like you. So this is what this game gives us, those fleeting glimpses of a team rising only to fall at the end.
We get to remember once again, those days when you watched the game in your hostel common room, 50 or more guys crowded in front of a small not-LCD tv, all praying for their teams. We would have seen this kind of results happen multiple times with South Africa or Pakistan, but would you not rather watch a game where Gayle is beating the bowlers to death or a game where both teams are desperately trying to clinch the victory from each other’s hands.
What this game gives you is the moment when you can thump your fist in the air, just like Federer does after having scored a point with a majestic forehand. We, sitting in our offices, are no Federers, but these games do give us the opportunity to feel so, when our team wins such matches, clinching victories from almost certain defeat. In that one moment, we all feel like Federers having just scored a beautiful backhand/forehand, in that one moment, we all feel like Phelpss having just beat the hell out of a opponent just by a fraction of a second, having burnt our lungs, in that one moment, we all feel like someone who defeated Usain Bolt (bbecause we sure as hell didn’t win as comfortably as Bolt does).
That is why, we follow cricket, for that momentary transformation from being a mere fan to having that feeling of an athlete, right in the middle of the action, winning, brilliantly. Period.