The elements of statistical learning

Having just finished exams for the first flex of spring semester, I am looking at last two months of study in the master’s program I am in. The courses I will be taking are already going to make this time a lot more interesting (not to mention the invisible never ending job search :p). I have however recently seen that lot of machine learning aspects can be implemented using R and need not necessarily require expertise in Python. Although I am all in for learning and advancing my python knowledge, I have come to face the fact that my coursework will not be allowing me to do so.

Coming to the machine learning part, I will be using the following book for this purpose:

  1. The elements of statistical learning (2nd edition)

I have numbered this list because I plan to add more books in case I come across any as good enough to be added to this list.

I will be posting my notes, thoughts, doubts and links from the internet in this blog. I wish to help them serve as references for myself in future times. Hence, I will not be cutting any corners while doing so and will try to make them as rigorous as possible.

Also, as and when the time permits, I would try using LATEX.



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