Out of Eden Walk

Of the many idiosyncrasies that define me as a person/individual, one of the most evident is the want to share anything good that I come across, with those around me, those not around me. But I often realize that there aren’t many who would appreciate what I want to show them (I am not saying that is good or bad – people differ, perspectives differ). Most of these ‘good things’ are articles/posts/pictures that I come across online and others are information that I learn from a book that I just finished reading, or a discussion that I want to have.

“Out of Eden walk” is one such thing that I would like to share to all those around me. It is one of the most amazing projects- or rather – ideas that I have had the luck to come across in the past few years. What I have come to understand over time is that – in order to appreciate an idea or an activity, your perspective needs to be aligned with that activity or the ideology. Without this, true appreciation is not possible and whatever your understanding of the idea/action only transitory and inadequate. This understanding has helped me to be non-judgmental (oh yes!) in numerous scenarios and when I have gone back to them after some time, I indeed have been able to look at them with a view that is wider in its scope and understanding and ability of perception. I have digressed a lot from the topic of this post already, so I would stop my random rumblings here.

“Out of Eden walk” is a walk that a journalist ‘Paul Salopek’ is undertaking. From an article on livemint (published  here), the walk can be described as:

It is a long, audacious and wondrous journey. Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Paul Salopek is following what experts broadly believe is the trail followed by the first human migration out of Africa—the path traced roughly 60,000 years ago when we left the cradle of our origin and began to spread across the planet.

More about the walk can be found at these two websites –



Although the above site covers almost everything you would like to know about the walk, here are a few more interesting links that might be of interest:




I want to share more of my thoughts about this, but I should be moving. I hope to return to this in one of my upcoming posts.

P.S: On a similar note, there is another journalist who collects her experiences and posts them on the web – notably on the social media. Please note that I have called these her ‘experiences’. This is because, she often attaches a story to every post (most of them pictures – and she is an amazing photographer) which makes you connect with what the picture is trying to convey in a much better way.

Here are the links to her work and related websites (I especially like her Instagram feed – some amazing pictures interspersed with brilliant storytelling):

River diaries – http://riverdiaries.tumblr.com/

Instagram feed – https://instagram.com/aratikumarrao/?hl=en

Her twitter feed – https://twitter.com/AratiKumarRao




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