Upcoming posts

It is humorous (in a sardonic way) that I am writing a post about my upcoming blog posts. Anyway, below is the list of topics I intend to blog about in my upcoming posts. For the sake of book keeping, I will be updating this post once I tick off an item from this list.

  1. Business Intelligence Symposium – Part 1 (some thoughts on the event and other points discussed there) – Done Link to the post
  2. Business Intelligence Symposium – Part 2 ( On ‘The Informationlab’ – its hiring process, and how such a system inspires the passionate ones) – Link to the post
  3. Notes from data visualisation class – About what I learnt from what according to me was the best class this FALL – Link to the post
  4. Thoughts on fall courses at the program I am currently studying
  5. My attempts at storytelling using Tableau


12 Dec – Added the links to posts for 2,3. I combined them into a single post. I am not really sure if I would be adding 4,5 anytime soon. Though something will come up for 5 as I have some vizzes that I am currently working on.


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