Malazan and Metamorphosis

Off late, I have been trying to work on a certain call volume forecasting project which has gotten me into reading up on ARIMA and ARIMAX and for once I understand them more than as a abbreviations.

I have also been looking into interesting articles around the web as is the case most of the times and have come across this interesting novel with glowing recommendations (not from me)

The name of the novel is – Metamorphosis of a Prime Intellect

Here is the link – Metamorphosis of a Prime Intellect

Also, I have started reading the fantasy series ‘Malazan’. The book 1 (Gardens of the moon) is currently on my reading-now shelf. I like the author’s writing style, especially the fact that there is a lot that we have to figure it ourselves. Not sure by when would I be finishing all the ten books in the series but for now I am going to stick with it.

Other updates include a change in my job. Hope to share the updates soon 🙂