The past few months have been exciting in working on various projects along the lines of a fitness club, financial services provider and an insurance provider.

The vast array of problems have been really helpful in increasing the scope of my understanding and improving the skillset that I possess

New technologies learnt include – Julia and D3. I am not a fan of D3 (Data driven documents) I should say as the purpose seems to be a polished VBA, though I know that is a major understatement. The various added functionalities in terms of connecting to a server and realtime refresing of a D3 document/dashboard are enticing concepts indeed. But for now, I would stay away from D3 though might venture back to it in the future. One aspect for which I am thankful to have been exposed to D3 is that it required me to learn about HTML and CSS which I must say was an interesting experience.

On the reading side, haven’t been able to get much reading done. Some of the books include ‘Everybody loves a good drought’, an eye opener regarding the plight of poor Indians int he villages whose names nobody ever hears. Another book I tried reading was ‘India shaastra’ by Mr.Tharoor but unfortunately my schedule didn’t permit me to finish it. ‘Sacred Games’ is another of my current reads that I definitely would recommend for someone who loves novels having a scope similar to that of ‘Shantaram’.

Also finished reading as many articles of Rohit Brijnath as I could scavenge from the depths of the internet history of last decade and half. He is a magician when it comes to using words to describe anything or anyone in sports. Can read his articles time and again without ever getting bored, planning to write a post here on his articles soon, hoping I would get to do that at some point of time

There might be a few changes with respect to career path regarding which I would update as and when it happens