The Nordic Wild

Yesterday, I was watching a Nat Geo documentary on Nordic Wild. The video can be found here :

The documentary was mainly divided into three storylines converging into one i.e rebirth with the onset of autumn in the Scandinavian islands. The three story lines were :

1. A mother bear coming out into the world along with her three cubs after a prolonged period of hibernation

2. A mother arctic fox trying to nurture her litter of 10 against all odds and no companionship

3. Different birds (White geese, Ducks etc.) trying to show their chicks how to survive

Some of the appalling scenes were shot and some indeed try to teach you a lesson or two. For example, the birds build their nests in the cliffs at a height of 50m or in trees (ex woodpecker nests) to save their chicks from the predators. When these birds fly away from such heights, the chicks are expected to take the plunge for their first ever outing for food. The chicks, having jumped from such a height, do survive the fall thanks to their light bodies and feather filled outer layering. So, their was indeed a lesson or two to be learnt form the survival of these chicks according to me.

Also, these documentaries reminded me of how much I have been lacking in my daily schedule. Previously, I used to watch a large number of wildlife documentaries on a monthly basis but the banalities of a daily life seem to have caught up with me and this documentary just got me thinking about the same. I for sure have decided to go back to the old ways of watching at least a documentary or two every week.

Also, before signing off, here’s the first ever nature/wildlife documentary (in fact, documentary series) that I had watched in my early days of college. Ah, how the memories of the 17″ CRT monitor kick in!