Verbal musings

I have been trying to improve my existing vocabulary and as a part of this I have decided to learn words in groups of 5 at a time and then look at their meanings, understand them and finally round up by creating a paragraph using those 5 words one or more times ( But I will generally try to keep the usage to only once)

I hope this will help me in two ways, firstly, it will surely help me build my vocabulary and secondly, my story writing skills (assuming I have got any :P)

I feel that, because I would want to form a coherent paragraph from the 5 words, I would have to put in more effort than just understanding them as it involves two stages, firstly forming a sentence that’s meaningful containing each of the word I have learned, secondly, making a coherent paragraph out of the 5 such sentences I would have created. The need for connectivity would help in the longer run surely.

Also, I want to try and connect the paragraphs too(wherever possible if not in the first attempt, then in the subsequent attempts) and make a good short story or something of the sorts.


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