2nd anniversary of my blog

I just realized that this month marks the second anniversary of my blog. Although there haven’t been many posts in this blog, I still feel that this blog is an important of my thinking and my musings (mostly of which are math related)

I hope I am able to post more often that before ( I know that I haven’t been the most frequent of bloggers). Although one thing I am assured of is that, as time goes on, I find less and less time to actually devote to self learning higher college mathematics and hence it seems for some time that passion would have to wait in the sidelines of my grey matter

Coming to what I have been upto in the past few months, I have been having a good time at my first job and would like to see where it takes me as the time progresses on. But I am sure that this verbal musings I have started to post almost on a daily basis would significantly increase my blogging activity and be helpful to my vocabulary. I also hope that it would be helpful to someone else somewhere and not just me alone.

I think a good ending point to this verbal musings would be when I would be able to start making prose or poems out of the new words I have learnt by then, but I realize this will be a difficult task since It is not easy to create a prose out of your imagination, albeit with simple words, but still, it is something I dream of and would like to keep on dreaming.

I am reading through the biography of Hitler by Ian Kershaw now ( a work of brilliance I must say based on what I have read so far). It is a completely and thoroughly researched book and although I don’t get time to read at a fast pace or have dedicated time for the same, I am trying to finish it part by part at my own pace. I did the same for ‘A house for Mr.Biswas’ , but finally put down that book due to the sheer boredom it caused whenever I tried to resume reading it. I am sure, it will not be the same with Ian Kershaw’s book.

Meanwhile, I have read through the much spoken about book by Neil Gaiman ‘The ocean at the end of the Lane’ and didn’t find it particularly interesting, be it because of the lack of details on the part of Hempstocks or the extreme simplicity of dialogues when it came to the lead character ( a seven year old kid). Another of the books I have read and would like to mention here is ‘A blood Song’ by Anthony Ryan. It is now one of my favorites and I absolutely liked the way he kept me hooked to the book with the story line and not so difficult sentences and word usage.

Finally, I hope I do get to post more about math , and would do so at every chance I get.


Verbal musings

I have been trying to improve my existing vocabulary and as a part of this I have decided to learn words in groups of 5 at a time and then look at their meanings, understand them and finally round up by creating a paragraph using those 5 words one or more times ( But I will generally try to keep the usage to only once)

I hope this will help me in two ways, firstly, it will surely help me build my vocabulary and secondly, my story writing skills (assuming I have got any :P)

I feel that, because I would want to form a coherent paragraph from the 5 words, I would have to put in more effort than just understanding them as it involves two stages, firstly forming a sentence that’s meaningful containing each of the word I have learned, secondly, making a coherent paragraph out of the 5 such sentences I would have created. The need for connectivity would help in the longer run surely.

Also, I want to try and connect the paragraphs too(wherever possible if not in the first attempt, then in the subsequent attempts) and make a good short story or something of the sorts.