This seems to work just perfect..

For all dc ++users trying to use it in windows 8 , here you go

Direct Connect: Just These Guys, Ya Know?


When you try to run DC++ 0.790 on the Windows 8 preview, you will probably notice that network connections don’t work (they fail with the message: “An invalid argument was supplied.“).

We tried a few fixes but to no avail. It is not clear whether the blame is to be placed upon DC++ or Windows 8.

Fear not, for the fix is easy: just set the “Socket read buffer” option (in Settings > Experts only) to . Then enjoy!

We will be watching out for this problem when the next Windows 8 beta versions come out. Hopefully the issue is on their end. 😛

Notice anything else that is out of place? Don’t hesitate to let us know!

Update (August 2012): This seems to no longer be required in the release version of Windows 8; looks like they fixed the bug! There is however a crash…

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